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It is short for RivaTV Live. It is still in very early development and isn't really worth a name like "RivaTV Live" yet. So until then, the name of the executable (rtvl) will do.

What does it do?

It is a V4L application built specifically with RivaTV in mind. It searches for the appropriate video-device and tries to display it's video. You could specify a device by issuing
	$ rtvl -c /dev/video3
It'll spit out a lot of info about your display and stuff. It may crash at some point. It uses overlay by default and you can set it to use grabbing. It can't grab to file. If you right-click the display you get a control panel. Most features on there work. Some don't. On the screenshots page you can see what it looks like.

I want it to ...

The application has a long way to go and we know it. We know about obvious and not-so-obvious bugs, missing options, etc. Please do not ask for any features or fixes. Right now RTVL is provided as a sort of reference implementation. Nothing more, nothing less.

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